Getting Your Feet Ready For Your New Year's Resolutions


Many people decide that the New Year is the time to make the change toward living a more active lifestyle. You might want to spend more time at the gym and focus on moving more at home. However, even though your mind is ready for a change, your body might not be completely on board. Use the weeks leading up to the new year to get your feet ready. Without preparation, your resolutions could be sidelined by injury or pain.

3 December 2018

Nighttime Big Toe Soreness: Could It Be Gout?


Big toe pain can usually be attributed to a stubbed toe. But what if your big toe keeps hurting night after night? The pain can be debilitating and horrible, but by the time morning comes, it has subsided -- only to return again the next night! Your phantom big toe pain could have a pretty simple explanation: gout.  What is gout? Gout is classified as a type of arthritis. However, unlike osteoarthritis which involves the wearing away of cartilage in the joints, gout results from the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints.

21 July 2018